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Aug 21, 2018

Welcome to episode 27 of the Grace Cafe Podcast. This episode is one of our favorites from our old Known & Loved Podcast that was recorded in May, 2017. We were joined by Chris Stapleton and Josh Scott of the Simple Gospel Podcast, who spent a few days visiting us in sunny Arizona. While they were here, we fired up the podcast machine and recorded this conversation.

Our conversation was centered around an email we had received from a listener who asked us if we ever get angry with God and how we deal with that anger. In working through our answer, we talked about the importance of getting to a place of honesty with God and being honest with him in all of our emotions. God loves you. He loves the angry you, the anxious you, the selfish you, the happy you, the sad you, and the self-centered you. He loves you. He loves the true you in all of your messiness. Instead of trying to hide our true selves from him and pretending we're something we're not, what if we come to a place of honesty with God and just be who we are, knowing we're fully accepted just as we are, without pretense? Let's talk about it.