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Feb 24, 2019

Welcome to episode 48 of The Grace Cafe Podcast. Let's continue our conversation about spiritual abuse. Like abusers in other forms of abuse, spiritual abusers act with intentionality and purpose. They are skilled and accomplished in silencing their victims using tools such as shaming, shunning, bullying, power posturing, lying, and gossiping, to name a few. Spiritual abusers cannot be reasoned with. Once a victim of spiritual abuse speaks up, their character will be assassinated and they will find themselves being shunned by those empathetic with the abuser as he or she spins the truth in such a way as to cast themselves in a good light, while trashing the reputation of the victim(s). 

Victims of spiritual abuse will hear over and over again that the abuser and those in the abuser's close circle, are disappointed in them. As a result, they begin to think there is something wrong with them and they can easily develop a wrong view of God as they start to believe he is disappointed in them also. While spiritual abuse leaves no physical scars, the scars it does leave are deep-seated ones that can cripple an individual for years and make recovery a long and tedious process.

In this episode, we interact with a listener who reached out to us about their own experiences with spiritual abuse. We also, mention and recommend the following helpful books:

We hope you find encouragement in this episode!