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Sep 24, 2018

Welcome to episode 31 of the Grace Cafe Podcast! In this episode, we continue the conversation we started last time regarding some of the things we hear in religious settings that take away from or diminish who we really are in Jesus. The opinions of those in pulpits, small groups, or conversations in general can become authoritative in our lives and if those opinions infringe upon our identity in Jesus rather than reinforce it, it's time to rethink and reevaluate what we're hearing. If we hear something long enough or something repeated enough that at first seems a little off, we can start to think it must be true, especially if the person talking is someone we admire or look up to and everyone else in our church or group accepts it without question.

But if what we're hearing dilutes grace, the gospel, and our identity in Jesus, it's time to throw it out. We are bombarded with countless religious myths that give us a wrong view of God and are designed to serve the ongoing viability of organized religion or someone inside that setting. Let's talk about it....