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May 8, 2018

Welcome to episode 22 of The Grace Cafe! We recorded this episode from Spokane Washington USA as we were preparing for the final leg of a cross-country road trip that took us through 20 states in 29 days, logging over 7,000 miles. This episode is a look back at our trip and a recap of some of the conversations we had along the way. Some of the topics we covered include:

  • Does God still visit a father's sins on subsequent generations or have our sins been done away with once for all?
  • The importance of disconnecting the Old Covenant from the New in how we understand Scripture.
  • Does the Holy Spirit treat us like convicts or does He remind us of who we are in Jesus?
  • Some implications of the Holy Spirit living in you.
  • Loving well flourishes where Jesus plus nothing is a reality.
  • Christ's church is expressed in so many valid ways. It's diverse and so much bigger than we think it is. The goal isn't sameness.
  • How "always reforming" has led us out of Reformed thinking.
  • The simple faith of Mister Rogers.
  • The gift of our true selves and giving yourself permission to be authentic.
  • The noisy distractions of life.
  • Two introverts with a podcast. Hey wait, that's us!
  • The negative experiences of a crash and burn.